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MORO'S TABLE is the place that Party Bus NYC will point you to if you ask us what is the finest restaurant in the Auburn area. Not only do they have a full menu of incredible appetizers, entrees, and desserts that will more than satisfy you, but they've even got a full bar right there are your fingertips. Why not sit there and have a cocktail and some appetizers before they seat you at a table for your meal? The baked oysters and mussels are the things that we'd recommend most highly here, but any of the seafood dishes will be absolutely ideal. Love the old fashioned vibe and the smart and modern service. Affordable prices for such high quality! Find this one at 1 E Genesee St.


CURLEY'S RESTAURANT is a smart one if you want pizza and drinks in the Auburn area with Party Bus NYC! We love the bar vibe and the incredible pizza pies. They also have wonderful lasagna that you'll really want to sink your teeth into, and we'd be remiss if we didn't mention their super fresh and impressive salads and steaks. When the summer breeze starts tempting you to get outside more, you'll really enjoy taking advantage of their outdoor seating area. There's lots of room both indoor and out for party bus groups, and the servers really know how to take good care of you even if you're there in outsize numbers! Lots of TVs for sports. At 96 State St.


SWIFTY'S RESTAURANT is actually more of a sports bar and one that you'll want to head out to anytime you're in the Auburn area with your Party Bus NYC groups. It's not too huge, so it's best for mid-sized groups or limousine groups, and we find that it's especially ideal if you are looking to watch an NFL game with your buddies! If you're there in the summer and you don't care about the game, then sit outside and soak up some sun, because their outdoor seating area is beautiful. You'll enjoy chatting it up with the regulars and the locals in either case. Make sure to bring cash because this place doesn't accept plastic. Find it at 45 Perrine St.


PARKER'S GRILLE & TAP HOUSE combines bar and restaurant into one cohesive unit, and Party Bus NYC customers really seem to think that this is a great one in the Auburn area. They have very creative items on the menu, two of our favorites being the prime rib sandwich and the Mexican burger with jalapeno peppers and spicy salsa! The pints of beer are just delish and they have such an impressive selection. We think you'll be very pleasantly surprised by the high quality service here and you'll be treated so well whether you're indoors or out. The best time to come in is definitely late night when the party is jumping and the atmosphere is alive! At 129 Genesee St.


THE AUBURN ALE HOUSE is absolutely ideal for the beer lovers that travel with Party Bus NYC in the Auburn area. It's not just about the beer here... they also offer incredible cocktails that are super strong and never too pricey. They have a lot of top shelf options and yet you won't pay crazy prices for them at all. Watching football is so much fun here and we think you'll really love doing so with your best Party Bus NYC friends! We get a kick out of the warm beer sign outside, but in reality everything is great here, right down to the service. It's one of the comfiest and coziest spots that you'll ever find in this area. Dive bar perfection. Find it at 288 Genesee St.

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