Party Bus NYC


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Can we drink on board?"

A: Absolutely! Provided you are of legal age, that is! But please note, we cannot provide alcohol for you, so if you want to drink be sure to BYOB!

Q: "Are food and drinks provided, or can we bring our own?"

A: Our buses have built-in bars with coolers, and we also provide ice and cups. For certain package deals, such as weddings, we sometimes provide a couple of bottles of champagne, but for normal trips we are not allowed by law to do so. You are more than welcome to bring your own food and beverages on board, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic.

Q: "Can I take a look at your fleet of buses in person?"

A: Of course you may. Some of our buses may be out on the road at the time that you visit, so we recommend that you give us a call first to determine a time when they'll all be here. We're pros at determining which bus is best for you over the phone too, so if you're in a rush, you have no need to worry!

Q: "Can we get special group discounts from certain bars and restaurants in the NYC area if we tell them we are traveling with Party Bus NYC?"

A: We partner with several bars and restaurants in the area, and can share all the details about this with you on the phone or via email.

Q: "Can we bring our own decor for the bus?"

A: Yes you can, and we also have a wide array of decorations that we can provide for you. Just ask!

Q: "What is your service area?"

A: The greater New York area is covered by our buses, adn you can view our service area page via the menu at the top of this page too. If your event is outside of this area, give us a call ot see if we can take you there!