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Batavia Bars


O'LACY'S is one of the greatest pubs that Batavia has ever known, and Party Bus NYC customers know this! They rely on it all the time for excellent food, drinks, service, and ambiance. Their selection of beer and liquor is beyond impressive and you'll especially enjoy sipping either of those in such a pleasant Irish pub atmosphere. The bartenders are some of the friendliest and kindest folks that we've ever conversed with, and it's worth chatting it up with them for a bit while you're there. You'll be glad that you did. Wonderful service, a perfect vibe, and just too perfect for Party Bus NYC celebrations with your tightest of friends. Find it at 5 School St.


TULLY'S has the ideal sports bar vibe and we think that's more than enough reason to consider it a top destination for Party Bus NYC customers in the Auburn area. If the big game is coming up, and most especially if that big game is NFL football, this should be a must-visit for you. They have a huge array of food to choose from that goes so far beyond just the standard bar fare, including Tuscan salmon, vegetable quesadillas, mushroom sandwiches, and more! The homemade cheesecake is the must-order for dessert as far as we're concerned. Absolutely perfect service too! What more can we say about this one? At 522 E Main St.


ALEX'S PLACE is an unbelievably impressive restaurant that Party Bus NYC customers in the Batavia area would do well to visit! As a matter of fact, impressive isn't even the word! It's just beyond. The quality of the food that they serve is too good to be believed, including french onion soup that we find is the perfect starter, seafood dishes that will absolutely knock your socks off, and prime rib that no one can ever resist. The short ribs are a close second too, definitely very highly recommended to all of you. There are no TVs for sports which may be a plus depending on what you're after. No outdoor seating either, but there is a full bar! At 8322 Park Rd.


BOURBON & BURGER gets so much attention from our Party Bus NYC customers in the Batavia area and we think you'd do very well to choose this one as a destination for your upcoming trip with us. They have absolutely huge burgers here that are cooked perfectly, so thick and juicy whether you're a medium rare type or a well done type! The fries are out of this world and you'll definitely want to pair those with that thick enticing burger! The vibe is pure old fashioned American bar, and that's something that's just too ideal for Party Bus NYC trips. Very comfortable and beautiful lighting too. You will love your time here, indeed. Find it at 9 Jackson St.


CENTER STREET SMOKE HOUSE is known for their delectable seafood and steaks and we at Party Bus NYC can vouch for the fact that this is a Batavia favorite based on how often our customers choose it as a destination on their party bus itinerary! The rooftop patio is probably cited just as often as the food and drinks as a reason that people want to go there. The live music is wonderful and we love the bar vibe too. The bourbon burger with smashed potatoes is our go-to item here and we're also really in love with their savannah chicken with alfredo sauce, low country pasta, polish sausage, loaded fries, and ribs! We could just go on and on with that list! At 20 Center St.

Zip codes: 14020, 14021

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