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MES QUE serves the Buffalo area very well with the kind of sports bar atmosphere that every Party Bus NYC customer dreams of. The Hertel Strip is certainly made even better by the presence of this beloved bar. There's always soccer on TV here, so if that's your thing, you'll be very happy about that! In terms of the food, start things off with a nice cheese plate. The goat cheese pizza will please everyone in your group, and so will the chorizo, beans, and rice! They're open pretty late here, until 11 most nights, and the best nights to come in have got to be Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. Always a good time waiting to be had here! At 1420 Hertel Ave.


FOUNDING FATHERS PUB is ideal if you're after that perfect pub vibe in Buffalo, and Party Bus NYC would be more than happy to take you and your friends there! They are known for their Buffalo chicken sandwiches and portobello mushroom burgers, not to mention their tortellini salads, their chicken cordon bleu, and their BBQ chicken bleu! The free nachos and popcorn are a plus too, but don't fill up on that too much, because you'll want to save room for all those menu delicacies! We love the late night hours here, until 2 on Fridays and until 4 on Saturdays! It just doesn't get any better than that for our Saturday night owls! Find this pure perfection at 75 Edward St!


CENTURY GRILL has been going strong for so many years now and Party Bus NYC customers in the Buffalo area know that this is the kind of classic sports bar that they just can't do without. Very convenient if you happen to be staying at the Hyatt too! We love that they have free tater tots on Fridays and free bacon on Saturdays, but that won't stop you from diving into their classic beef on weck or their buffalo chicken sandwiches! The fried bologna and grilled chicken are also fantastic. For dessert, you've got to pay tribute to the King and get the Elvis sundae. Be sure to try the loaded tater tots too! Oh, my! Find this one at 320 Pearl St.


COLE'S is fantastic if you are looking for a bar and gastropub in the Buffalo part of Party Bus NYC's service area. This is the place to go if you love to try new local craft brews that you haven't had yet, and you'll appreciate the fact that they have a restaurant side and a bar side so that you can choose your ambiance accordingly. The french onion soup is one of our favorite things on the menu and we also go crazy for their french toast. The burgers are really thick and juicy and perfectly cooked, so do not miss those. They are open 24 hours Tuesday thru Friday which is too convenient for our night owl customers! Find this one at 1104 Elmwood Ave.


ANCHOR BAR is well known for their chicken wings and we at Party Bus NYC believe that's the very best reason to stop in! They have mini tacos that we would also recommend very highly to you. You'll really love watching sports on TV and listening to music when that's not happening, and you'll particularly enjoy just soaking up that pleasant atmosphere while you hang out with all of your good friends. The Buffalo area definitely has a gem in this place! Of course the full bar serves up lots of wonderful cocktails and they're good and strong and never too expensive or watered down! Best nights? Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Find this one at 1047 Main St!

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