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RIO TOMATLAN RESTAURANT is an absolute haven for Mexican food lovers that travel in the Canandaigua area with Party Bus NYC! They have the most delicious chicken and pork tostadas in the world and we're also huge fans of their pozole. The chipotle chicken and mole poblano are also just amazing! There's even a full bar here that features a great tequila selection and a nice array of Mexican beer to give you the feeling that you're relaxing at a beach bar in Cancun. Beautiful decor and live music really round out the ambiance and make you feel right at home. They're open until 9 on Sundays and 10 thru the rest of the week. A great place! Find it at 5 Beeman St.


IL POSTO BISTRO is an Italian wine bar that Party Bus NYC customers in the Canandaigua area really love. They have the highest quality Italian food that you could ever imagine here, including bocanccini, which is prosciutto-wrapped mozzarella that is baked and then covered in sauce. Perfecto! The salmon over linguine in pesto cream sauce will absolutely blow your mind. And how about the veal balsamico with radicchio, goat cheese, and balsamic sauce? Truly gourmet and just amazing. And let's not forget to mention the wine selection! This isn't a huge establishment so do call ahead to ensure that they can accommodate your Party Bus NYC group. At 137 S Main St.


MACGREGOR'S GRILL & TAP ROOM is one that we have chosen almost solely because of its gorgeous outdoor dining in the warmer months of the year, but we have to tell you that it's equally pleasant and charming indoors when the weather man says that you should stay there! It's very old fashioned and cool. We love the full bar that is absolutely packed with options from well drinks straight up to top shelf. Their beer selection is large and in charge, plenty of options. If you're traveling in the Canandaigua area with Party Bus NYC or spending the weekend at the lake, you won't be able to beat the convenience of this location. You can find it at 759 S Main St! One of our faves!


ERIC'S OFFICE is one of those tricky names where you can get a call from wherever you're supposed to be and say, "I'm sorry buddy, I'm stuck at Eric's Office!" In reality you're chilling and enjoying a day or night out with your pals, eating some amazing food and sucking down cocktail after cocktail. They have an awesome craft beer selection and a huge array of yummy food to choose from including the tendeloin au bleu and the fish fry on Fridays! Lunch and dinner are the ideal times to be there, or any time when there's a good game on TV! Definitely a loud spot in the evenings if you enjoy that! Find this one at 2574 County Rd 28.


THE NEW YORK WINE & CULINARY CENTER was just made for the aspiring foodies out there. You can really get your groove on finding out all the latest trends in food and tasting them too! Lunch and dinner are the best times to be there to try the wine tasting room and the bistro. They also offer cooking classes and a gift shop, so there is plenty to do if you plan a head! The charcuterie plates and appetizers are probably our favorite things here. There's also a huge array of drinks to enjoy, including wine, beer, and spirits, and that includes the jalapeno margarita that we have never been able to resist! Not open late, just til 8 Mon-Thu and 9 Fri-Sun. Find this one at 800 S Main St!

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