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WOODHOUSE STADIUM GRILL has the perfect name to go with its gorgeous interior, with all the wood accents and the awesome sports bar vibe. They are well known for their chicken wings and hamburgers, both of which are meaty and juicy and good! The sweet potato fries go really well with either one and so do the regular ol' hand cut fries! They also offer pulled pork sandwiches here that are really generously sized and piled high with lots of meat. Lunch is the time that we'd most highly recommend stopping in, and if you do, you just might want to try one of their deliciously refreshing wraps. Everything's tasty here. Find it at 102 Columbia St! Highly recommended by Party Bus NYC for our customers in Corning!


HOLMES PLATE definitely has a lot to offer a Party Bus NYC customer in the Corning area of NY. This is a BBQ haven for the locals and it doesn't matter from how far away you're traveling, you will feel right at home here. We're in love with their crab cake sandwiches and their chicken wings, and we can't say enough about their chef salad with chicken! Very impressive. The sweet potato fries go so perfectly with just about anything. The dining area is separate from the bar area, which lets you choose your ambiance according to your mood. We love that they are open until 1:00 AM every single night of the week too! At 54 W Market St.


OLD WORLD CAFE & ICE CREAM offers up a truly old fashioned cafe and ice cream experience to you in Corning, just like stepping back in time to the world that your parents or grandparents might have enjoyed. The long wooden bar is just a gorgeous piece of workmanship and you'll love sitting there and enjoying so many delights. Toward the front you'll find the ice cream and candy, and toward the back the sandwiches and other lunch items. We love the Mediterranean turkey with roasted peppers and the chicken bruschetta sandwich too! The shrimp salad wrap, though, has got to be the best! Always busy, so call well ahead. Sorry, no alcohol here. At 1 West Market St. A Party Bus NYC fave!


THE CELLAR is the spot for tapas and wine in the Corning area, and Party Bus NYC customers just love it! The staff that works this place really knows how to keep it humming like a well-oiled machine, just super friendly and very professional. The fried risotto and mozzarella has got to be our favorite thing here, though the fish tacos must be a close second! They also have a wonderful paella that is so perfect for party bus groups to share family style. Their martinis are very good and their wine selection is, of course, absolutely fantastic. You'll spend hours enjoying all the delights that they have to offer you here. Very highly recommended. At 21 W Market St.


EFFIN TEXAS BAR & GRILL might be last on our list of recommended places in Corning, but it's certainly not last in our minds! Party Bus NYC customers adore this place and so do we on the staff! Conveniently located in the Market Street area, it's so beautiful and nicely decorated. The high quality food is just too good to resist, including pulled pork with ribs, creamy macaroni and cheese that's so good you'll think your mama made it, sweet potato waffle fries that you'll want to steal a bucket of, and onion rings that are so perfectly cooked they just melt in your mouth. Note that they close down between lunch and dinner and that they're closed altogether Sun-Mon-Tue. At 69 E Market St.

Zip codes: 14830, 14831

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