Party Bus NYC


A Night Out in NYC

If you're planning a night out in NYC, your itinerary is sure to be full of places to go, enough to fill up several hours of bar hopping fun! One thing is sure when you're planning a night out of bar hopping, there's going to be more than a few drinks involved. When that's the case, choosing a party bus is the ideal choice! A party bus from Party Bus NYC is the perfect mode of transportation!

Our buses can accommodate a variety of groups, from small to large, so you can all of your friends can travel together, no carpooling confusion! You'll also find that our chauffeurs make the perfect designated drivers, so you and all of your friends can drink and enjoy the night to the fullest knowing that you have safe and reliable transportation!

Another reason a party bus is the perfect choice, is that they offer a private nightclub feel to keep the party going, even between bars! This can help keep the group together for the night as well - have you ever been out where party of your group wants to check out a dance club but the rest of the group isn't quite into that scene? Then you split up and the night gets a little chaotic? Well with a party bus from Party Bus NYC, you can easily avoid this. Say half the group heads to a dance club, the other half can stay and party on the vehicle, or head to a new bar, and the entire group will be picked up by the bus, no confusion! Our buses have plush leather seating, club-like lighting, coolers, TVs, and great sound, so you can relax with a movie and a drink or dance! There's simply no down side to a party bus for your NYC night out!

Our favorites

It might very well be impossible to narrow down a list of the great bars in NYC to just a few, so we won't attempt to! What we can do, is list the bars that we go to the most often! We highly recommend all of the bars listed below:

Top of the Stand
Jimmy's Corner
Dive Bar
The Three Monkeys
Bar SixtyFive
The Rum House
Johnny's Bar
Salon de Ning
The Press Lounge
Bar 54
Roof Garden Cafe
Lantern's Keep
Spyglass Rooftop Bar
Tonic Times Square
Dear Irving
The Perfect Pint
The Blue Bar
O'Brien's Irish Pub
New York Beer Company
48 Lounge
Broadway Lounge