Buffalo Party Bus & Limo

Buffalo is a great vacation destination for nature enthusiasts with it's over 9,000 acres of state forests, in addition to that this location is a beautifully preserved example of the Victorian era. It's a scenic look at the New York countryside with hiking and biking trails, along with plenty of great parks, museums, theaters, great restaurants, as well as some rustic relaxed bars. It's located about 2-3 hours away from NYC and most big cities, it's great for a nice relaxed vacation with trips to see the big attractions in the state.

Great Destinations

  • Niagara Wine Trail
  • Albright-Knox Art Gallery
  • Buffalo Museum of Science
  • Erie Basin Marina
  • The Buffalo Zoo
  • Misuta Chow's Neon Bar
  • West Side Bazaar
  • Anchor Bar
  • Highmark Stadium

Why You Should Book A Limo or Party Bus

Buffalo is a perfect city to to book one of our luxurious limos or party buses because no matter the event or special occasion there is so much to do here and throughout the area you will never get bored, especially when you and your friends are riding with us in one of our luxury vehicles which are like having your own VIP night club on wheels with the high end surround sound system with Bluetooth connectivity, HDTVs, with bars built-in with ice filled coolers. Along with plush custom seating, dance floors with poles, and some party buses even have actual private VIP areas. We give you touchscreen controls so you can set the mood you want for your outing even down to the lighting. Meanwhile your chauffeur will be handling all the logistics of taking you to whatever your destination may be, you may have multiple stops on your itinerary, no problem, even a last minute change of plans is something your limo chauffeur will be able to accommodate, within reason of course. Contact us today to get your own free quote.

Our Party Bus & Limo Services

Not only are our Buffalo limos and party buses extremely beautiful and comfortable vehicles but our chauffeur team is the best in the state, they do through a very extensive testing and then training program long before we ever put them behind the wheel with our customers. We want you to have the best possible experience when you are out with us, and while luxury limos and buses are the part people notice, having an amazing chauffeur team to whisk you away and get you where you need to be exactly on time and most importantly safely is the most important aspect for us. We want you to have an great time and your chauffeur is the key.

There are a lot of people on our team making sure your luxury limo experience with us is top notch like our booking specialists who you will speak with and they will take care of you, making sure everything about your planned trip is ideal. Many you don't interact with like our mechanics and detailers who keep our limos and buses in perfect condition for your enjoyment. We have worked very hard to build this team and thanks to clients like you we get to keep offering you affordable rates for such a luxurious experience.

When you're ready to give us a call for more a Free Quote or to book your bus, here is our contact information below: