Lincoln MKT Limo

Our smallest luxury stretch limousine to relax in our traditional 6-passenger configuration, that includes with all of the modern amenities you will enjoy a full range of conveniences designed for their comfort & capacious storage.

Lincoln MKT Limo

Our MKT 80 5 Door limousine offers passengers not only a luxurious array of features that cater to their every need, also includes the extra convenience of a full-sized 5th passenger door to facilitate cabin accessibility.

Mayback CEO Jet Sprinter

We have 2 Maybach CEO style Jet Sprinters for up to 7 passenger with top of the line luxury. Most clients prefer to sit back and relax in plush seating but a great thing about Sprinters is the head room to stand up and move around.

Lincoln MKT Limo

Our Lincoln MKT stretch limousines have all the proper accommodations for entertainment and business trips. All 4 black models are the same exact style, built by ECB which stands for Executive Coach Builders.

Lincoln MKT Limo

We also have 4 of these brand new 10 passenger white stretch Lincoln MKT limos with 5th door access, built to the same exacting luxury standards as the black exterior version above, made by Executive Coach Builders as well.

Mercedes Sprinter

This is our white 12 passenger first class brand new custom Mercedes-Benz Sprinter VIP Limousine. We say 12 passenger due to it's large 24″ cargo area in the rear but with no storage needs you'll have room for up to 13 guests.

Mercedes Sprinter

Our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter coach combines limousine luxury with comfy seating and a discreet exterior profile able to blend quietly into a variety of event environments, created by Royale's luxury vehicle fabrication experts.

Mercedes Corporate Sprinter

This luxurious corporate Sprinter features world-renowned Mercedes-Benz engineering and amazing build quality which is able to serve a wide range of corporate needs, from sporting event outings, airport transport, & more.

Chrysler 300 Jet Door

This is our one of a kind 14 passenger Chrysler 300 it’s really gorgeous with it's luxurious custom two tone Bentley white and black diamond stitch and suede seats with white marble flooring, it's hard to find a classier limousine.

Mercedes Sprinter Luxury Executive

Check out our incredible Mercedes-Benz Sprinter customized by the top tier luxury fabrication team at Grech. Not only is it a sublime charter van option but it also makes for an incredibly extravagant limo vehicle for partying!

Mercedes Sprinter Luxury

Our First Class Customs top of the line Luxurious Mercedes Sprinter limousine with all of the modern amenities you have come to expect from our world class limos and party buses, this is one our most requested.

Yukon Denali Jet Door

Our Denali limousine is packed jam full of features with plenty of room for up to 18 guests. With a high-end stereo system with Bluetooth connectivity and massive sub woofers, as well as high definition LCD TV's built-in all around.

Hummer H2 Super Stretch

The second largest H2 Hummer in our collection of top of the line limos and much more. With all the high end modern amenities you expect from us this Hummer is a popular option for many outings from bar crawls to weddings.

Tiffany Party Bus

Custom built by Tiffany this 20 passenger offers plush leather sofa style seating for ultimate comfort. And of course all the extraordinary amenities you want and expect in party buses including a removable stripper pole.

Executive Party Bus

If you're looking for a 20 passenger with a black exterior you will love this option. Plush Bentley stitching on our luxury bench seating giving you plenty of room. Full audio/video user control and a built-in bar area with coolers.

Cadillac Escalade Jet Door

Our stunning pearl white jet wing door Cadillac Escalade is sure to grab attention no matter the time of day or where you're heading. That has a matching custom one of a kind interior with full user control of all the fun.

Hummer H2 Extra Long

Introducing our largest H2 Hummer with extended headroom and plenty of room for as many as 22 guests. This one of a kind Hummer limo features all the features you desire along with extreme comfort for every passenger.

Grech Luxury Shuttle

Our 24 passenger shuttle bus designed by the amazing team at Grech, featuring a great view with a panoramic front viewing window & frameless coach windows, plus comfort on long trips with executive level 5 seating.

Executive Party Bus

This is our highly requested 26 to 28 passenger luxury bus that fits you and your friends & family comfortably with a restroom! Pole can be taken out or put back in. The lighting can be changed so it cycles or your chosen color.

Grech Executive Shuttle Bus

Our brand new 27 passenger Grech designed beautiful Shuttle and we are offering customers an amazing price on it! Not only do we offer plenty of storage room but all the luxury amenities you'd expect from a limousine.

Party Bus with Tables

A great option with a mixture of premium plush leather bench & cockpit seats sitting around tables. Along with two high definition screens, a dance hardwood floor , and so many more amenities for all your outings needs.

Sheikh Party Bus

This stunning 28 to 30 passenger party bus is a highlight of our collection. With specialized mood lighting that is user controllable blending in with etched and frosted Lexan. Complete with bar areas and a trash shoot.

Luxury Party Bus

A beautiful interior design with comfortable bench seating featuring built-in bars and cup holders, along with 2 massive LED screens and a powerful high end surround sound system & subwoofers. You & your friends will love this!

Tiffany Party Bus F550

Leather stitched wrap around seating with 4 big screen LED HDTVs mounted into the walls for all guests to see combined with an amazing and powerful sound system, along with touchscreen control fiber optic & strobe lighting.

Tiffany Party Bus F650

Our beautiful 36 passenger Bus custom built by the world class fabricators at Tiffany, this is one of our most popular larger buses with all of the modern limousine features and luxury amenities. You'll love this for your next big trip!

Grech Luxury Executive Charter

Looking for a luxurious charter bus look no farther than this masterpiece made by Grech, it's a black 40 foot with black leather interior with plush high back reclining seats, and swan overhead luggage with blue mood lighting.

Luxury Party Bus

A stylish 36 passenger with a high end interior for even the highest classiest occasions, it's a great option for your wedding party and equally as great for your bachelor and bachelorette parties. Great for big trips for all around use.

Grech Luxury Liner Party Bus

Another top class Grech Coach, with custom Euro motorcoach seats w/armrests & trays, along with three point seat belts, overhead luggage racks w/blue accent lighting, and rear tail pass through belly luggage.

Temsa Luxury Liner Shuttle

Temsa designs some of the most luxurious coach liners on the market for large group trips. We have 2 of them in our exquisite collection with plenty of storage room inside and out along with tables and plenty of entertainment.

Monster Truck Party Bus

Looking for throw a massive celebration on the road this beautiful vehicle is perfect for up to 46 people, so along with you and your friends you will still have room for family and more. The pictures alone show for stunning it is.

VIP Party Bus

Looking for huge buses for all of your friends and also want a private VIP area, this is what you are looking for. As you would expect we also provide you with all the modern amenities NYC clients expect from us plus more!

Lavish Party Bus

We call this option lavish for a very good reason, just take a look at the interior. We went all out to make this this the most luxurious of all the party buses in NYC, heck even the tri-state area. This one is the ultimate trip.

Tiffany Party Bus

Our 50 passenger designed Tiffany luxury liner is the biggest of the buses for built for partying in our NYC collection of top of the line vehicles. You will love all of the high end amenities awaiting you when you book this one from us.

Setra Motor Coach

In these 3 shuttle buses are beautiful high back recliners with arm rests, foot rests, and 3 point seat belts. At the rear of the bus is a restroom, and there is video system in place with 5 large flat screens for plenty of entertainment.